At Divine World inc., we know that our clients expect and rely on us to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of all the information about them in our possession and control. Maintaining that trust and confidence of our clients is our highest priority. We never take for granted the trust our clients have placed in us and we honor that trust by managing our clients' personal information with the highest level of care and discretion. We are, and always will be, committed to maintain the confidentiality of client information. Our clients are those individuals and businesses to whom we provide video production and other related video services. We have adopted this policy to guide our conduct when we collect, use, maintain or release client information and to assist our clients to better understand our privacy practices. PRIVACY PRINCIPLES Recognize a client's expectation of privacy We understand our moral, professional and legal obligations to our clients and former clients to maintain the privacy of all the information about them in our possession and control. We will obey all applicable laws respecting the privacy of this information and will comply with the obligations of the law respecting nonpublic personal information provided to us. We continually review and test our policies, procedures and our technology to insure that this information is safeguarded to our satisfaction and as required by law. Under the following circumstances, we may disclose client information: when requested by the client; when informing you of other products or services; when necessary, in our opinion, to verify or complete a client-initiated transaction; when complying with law, regulation or a court or government order or request.